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Zhanabaev Duman Kairbekovich 

Managing Director

Born in Almaty, Kazakhstan


In 2003 he graduated from Kazakh National Agrarian University, Almaty, majoring in Economics and Finance.

In the same year he started his career as a junior credit manager, then held various positions from a credit manager to a chief risk manager of the Project Risk Management Department and Head of the Nonperforming Loan Management Department in core banks of Kazakhstan.

From 2006 to 2008 he held the position of the Finance Director in major Kazakhstani companies.

From November, 2008 till January, 2010 he was the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Mortgage company “KazIpoteka” JSC, Almaty.

From August, 2011 till October, 2013 was employed as the General Manager of KokazLine, LLP South Korean plant.

From November, 2013 till January, 2015 worked as a Finance Director in major Kazakhstani companies.

In March 2016 he joined BTA Bank as Advisor to Chairman of the Board, in May 2016 he was appointed as the Managing Director.

At BTA Bank within his powers he supervises the activities of the Corporate Business Department; Corporate Sales Department, Monitoring and Analysis Department.



Seytaev Ilyas Beybitovich

Managing Director

Born in Kostanay, Kazakhstan


In 2009 he graduated from Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP), Almaty, majoring in business administration, and was awarded Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.

In 2010 he took a master’s degree in finance at University of Antwerp Management School, Belgium.

From January, 2011 till November, 2012 worked as a Treasury officer of the Asset Management Department of IGF Continent.

From January, 2013 till April, 2014 he was an Investment Portfolio Manager of BTA Securities.

From May, 2014 till February, 2016 he was employed as a Chief Manager of the Department of Commercialization and Investment Promotion at NK Astana – EXPO – 2017, in December he was appointed as a Deputy Director of the Department.

In May 2016 he was hired at BTA Bank as a Managing Director.

At BTA Bank within his powers he supervises the activities of the Interbank Settlement Department; Wholesale Banking Department; Department of Cash Operation and Regional Development; Banking service centers and Branches; Retail Business Department; Remote Operation Department; Marketing and Product Formation Department; Methodology Department.









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