About the bank


BTA Bank today is a dynamically developing bank that offers various business solutions.

We provides a wide range of banking services for companies and individuals.

BTA Bank is successfully functioning at the finance market of the Republic of Belarus and has a developed regional network, which includes the main office and a bank branch in Minsk, regional banking centers in Grodno, Brest, Mogilev, Gomel, Vitebsk, 4 foreign exchange counters, 5 remote workstations and 20 ATMs.
Our main priorities are: dynamic growth of the client base, active development of the regional network, growth of lending volumes and resource base, net assets of the bank due to increased profits and the Charter Fund. In addition, significant attention will be paid to strengthening risk management, corporate governance and internal control in the bank, introducing progressive banking IT technologies in business processes and providing services over the Internet.
BTA Bank's mission is to promote the economic growth of the Republic of Belarus, increase the well-being of the population and take an active part in the development of trade and economic relations between the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as other CIS countries.


Bank's development history:

We build long-term & mutually beneficial relationships with:

  • our customers, ensuring security, efficiency, integrity, availability
  • our employees, ensuring respect, stability, interesting jobs, career prospects and good salary
  • the shareholder, ensuring growth in capitalization, scale and sustainability in business
  • regulatory authorities, ensuring compliance with legal requirements
  • the society, by creating new jobs, developing financial culture and promoting confidence in the banking system of the country.

At the heart of our values is a constant pursuit of excellence, which is based on respect and trust, honesty and responsibility, innovation and creativity, teamwork and cooperation.

Bank awards:

1st place

Сurrency exchange operations

2nd place

Сurrency exchange

3rd place

Consumer experience

3rd place

Money transfer, deposit, debit cards






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