Instruction for the use of the ATM


The widespread use of payment cards has led to the appearance and development of networks of devices for servicing them. The main payment card service device is an ATM. Today, ATMs are found almost everywhere: on the street, in stores, and in entertainment centers. On this page, we will tell you in detail about the possibilities of ATMs and the rules for their use.


1. What is the ATM? 

An ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) is an electronic - mechanical software - hardware complex that provides the issuance or issuance and acceptance of cash, performing a number of other operations using payment cards, registering such operations with the subsequent formation of a card receipt.

Work with an ATM is built on a dialogue system: it asks questions, and you choose one of the suggested options by clicking the buttons (options). The language of the dialogue (menu) is selected by the client independently. The ATM menu is usually available in the language of the country where the ATM is located, plus 1-2 international languages (usually English).


2. How to withdraw cash using the payment card at an ATM?

Cash withdrawal is the main function of the ATM. Below you will find the steps you need to follow to withdraw cash from your payment card account.


Step 1. Choosing an ATM

When you approach the ATM, pay attention to the stickers with the logos of payment systems. These stickers indicate which types of payment cards can be serviced at this ATM.

All ATMs of BTA Bank service cards of payment systems Visa and BELCARD.


Step 2. Make sure that the ATM is working properly

The fact that the ATM is in working condition will be indicated by a screen saver or a demonstration of commercials on the screen of the ATM. An additional confirmation of the ATM's operability is the flashing green indicator of the card reader slot.

If you see a dark screen, the message "Temporarily out of service", "Off-line", do not try to insert a card in such an ATM and look for another one.


Step 3. Insert the payment card into the ATM

Remember, the magnetic stripe should be on the bottom right, and the Bank logo should be at the top in the direction of the card movement. If you insert the card incorrectly, the ATM will not accept it.

After accepting the card the ATM will offer to select the menu language. Select the language by pressing the corresponding key to the right or left of the screen.


Step 4. Enter the payment card PIN

A PIN code is a code consisting of four digits. Initially, it is issued along with the card (in a separate sealed envelope). You must enter the PIN and confirm the completion of the input in the field by pressing ENTER.



If you entered your PIN code incorrectly, the ATM will suggest to you to try again. However, if you make a mistake for the third (!) time, the ATM will keep and not return the card, considering it was stolen. If you are not sure that the entered PIN is correct, cancel the operation by clicking the "Cancel" button, after which the card will be returned.

Please note that the number of errors is stored by the card, not by the ATM. That is, if the cardholder enters the wrong PIN code 2 times at one ATM, and then goes to another and makes a mistake again, the ATM will also keep and not return the card, considering it was stolen.

If there have been cases of entering the incorrect PIN code with Your card, You can use the service of resetting to a zero the counter of entering the incorrect PIN by contacting the Bank that issued the card.


Step 5. Selecting an operation

To do this, select an operation by carefully following the instructions on the ATM’s screen.


Step 6. Select the amount of cash

The ATM will offer you to select from the list the amount you plan to withdraw. If the required amount is not listed by the ATM, you need to use the "Other amount" button. Choose an amount that is a multiple of 5, 10, 20 or 50 rubles if you plan to withdraw cash in Belarusian rubles, or $100 if the amount to withdraw is in US dollars, depending on the ATM (the minimum value of the ATM is displayed on the entry screen of the amount).

We draw your attention to the fact that in the ATMs of CJSC BTA Bank is implemented an algorithm for selecting the composition of denomination values of the bills to get an amount requested for withdrawal.

The cash issuance algorithm works as follows: You select the desired amount and press the "Enter" button and then all possible denomination combinations for withdrawal appear on the ATM’s screen. After selecting one of it, you will receive the requested amount in the composition of bills that you chose on the screen.

If the ATM is not able to issue cash (it is not available, there are not enough funds on Your payment card account, the limit is exceeded, etc.), a message will appear on the screen of the ATM indicating the reason for the refusal.


Step 7. Get the money, take the card

It is highly undesirable to be distracted while using the ATM. Unfortunately, carelessness and inattentiveness can result in a loss of time and, in rare instances, money. For example, if You do not take the card within 20 to 45 seconds (depending on the ATM settings) after the ATM gives it back, for the security of your funds, the ATM will pull it back into a special container for forgotten or withdrawn payment cards.

In this case, to return it, You will have to contact the Bank that installed the ATM and provide an identity document. It will take from one day to two weeks to return the card. This is usually done for free. However, you may be charged a fee set by the Bank's rates for urgent issuance (before ATM cash collection). Cash can also end up in the ATM's backup cash cassette if you don't pick it up within 20-45 seconds. To return it, contact the Bank that issued Your payment card.


3. How do I find out the amount available on payment card account?

There are several ways to do this:

-          After receiving the cash, print a receipt about the state of the account. This service is provided free of charge at the ATM of your Bank.

-          Select the desired menu item ("Account balance") without withdrawing cash. However, it is not always possible to do this through an ATM of a "foreign" Bank. This service is usually paid and is stipulated in the Bank's tariffs. For BTA Bank clients, viewing the account balance through an ATM of a "foreign" Bank will be 50 kopecks or $0.5. At the same time, a fee is charged for the request, regardless of whether it was satisfied or not.

-          Print out a mini-statement about the latest card account transactions at your Bank's ATM. This service is usually paid and is stipulated in the Bank's tariffs. For BTA Bank clients, the amount of payment for this service is 20 kopecks or $0.2.

-          in the Internet banking system BTA.BY (for registered users);


4. What to do if...


...your card was stolen

Immediately contact the Bank that issued Your payment card with a request to block it. In some banks, the service may be chargeable. BTA Bank blocks the card for free.


...You have lost or forgotten your PIN code

Contact the Bank's branch and make an application for reissuing the card. You don't need to block it.


...the card was withdrawn by an ATM

If a bank payment card is withdrawn by an ATM or left at an ATM, the cardholder must block the card by notifying the Bank in any of the following ways:

-          by contacting the round-the-clock customer support service of JSC Bank processing center at (indicated on the back of the card): +375 17 299-25-25

-          independently via the Internet banking system BTA.BY;

-           by contacting any office of CJSC BTA Bank;

-           by contacting the Contact center by phone:

(mon. - Fri. from 8: 30 to 19: 00, sat. and sun. - non working days)

Then you must immediately contact the Bank that issued Your payment card with an identity document and an application in which you must specify all the card details and the location of the ATM.

It should be noted that in any of the above cases, Your money remains completely safe on the card account.


...the ATM refused to service the card

Make sure that:

-          the card has not expired;

-          the card has enough funds to complete the transaction;

-          the card does not have limits on the use of funds;

-          the card has no physical damage.


... the ATM did not issue cash (issued less than the requested amount)

In this case, the cardholder must personally present an identity document and apply to the Bank that issued the card with a written statement on the conduct of the investigation (the legality of write-offs).


... ATM issued excess funds (issued more than the requested amount)

Excessively received funds must be returned to the Bank that owns the ATM. To do this, you need to contact the Bank's ATM support service using the phone numbers indicated on it (as a rule, stickers with ATM support service numbers are placed on the front side of the ATM).


5. Phone Numbers of the customer support service of Bank processing center

If you have any problems with payment cards of CJSC BTA Bank, please call the customer support Service of JSC Bank processing center (the support service phone number is listed on the back of the card: +375 17 299-25-25).

If necessary, our support staff will block Your card in order to prevent unauthorized persons from using it.


6. Phone Numbers of the Contact center of CJSC BTA Bank: 5-282-282 (any operator), (17) 25-777-25

(mon. - Fri. from 8: 30 to 19: 00, sat. and sun. - non working days)






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