The settlement and cash services


The settlement and cash services offered by BTA Bank constitute a convenient account management tool:

- opening and maintenance of accounts of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in rubles and foreign currency;

- consulting services to prepare a package of required documents for opening accounts, including when switching banks;

- all types of settlements in rubles and foreign currency;

- cash services in rubles and foreign currency;

- transferring money to any country of the world in a prompt and timely manner;

- foreign exchange transactions;

- managing the account using the systems of electronic settlements "Internet-Client" , "Client-Bank" and the mobile application "BTA-Online" (tools for remote access to the account directly from the office).


The settlement and cash services offered by in BTA Bank have the following main advantages:

- speed and efficiency;

- maximum degree of reliability and convenience;

- specially created customer service;

- an extensive network of banking services centers allowing to deposit cash amounts in any of them, regardless of where the accounts are opened;

- comprehensive payment of services: provision of rates for settlement and cash services;

- fixed rates of foreign transfers regardless of the amount of transfer;

- advantageous rates for cash operations.


The Bank offers Service Packages for settlement and cash services that are aimed at various client categories and each client package contains a certain number of basic services.

BTA Bank appreciates the time of its customers and offers an effective electronic form of service that provides account management from anywhere. We suggest using the systems of electronic settlements Internet-Client, Client-Bank and the mobile applications BTA-Online, which are called to simplify and completely speedup settlement operations on the current (settlement) account and other accounts.









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